1. There are no benefits to using them. To the contrary, there are many benefits to having employees wear name badges, including creating a more professional and friendly atmosphere and helping to hold employees accountable for the level of service they provide. Those with a name badge on are more likely to provide good customer service and present themselves in a professional manner. They are also helpful when it comes to workplace security.
  2. Employees hate to wear them. While there may be a few employees who complain about wearing one, most employees don’t mind at all. They realize that it offers the customer benefits and they don’t have a problem with making it part of their professional work attire. Many employees also appreciate name badges, especially if they work in a large company where it may be difficult to recognize all the others employed there.
  3. They are expensive. Name badges do not at all have to be expensive. There are name badge options to meet every budget, including those that are custom and permanent and reusable. It’s all about choosing the best name badge for your needs. You can also save money by ordering more of them at once, rather than ordering sporadically throughout the year.
  4. Keeping all employees with them is a hassle. There is no hassle when you put one person in charge of taking care of name badge orders and distribution. They can create an organized system that works for them and keeps everyone with the name badges they need, when they need them.
  5. They are only used when dealing with the public. Millions of companies that deal with the public use name badges, but those that don’t also benefit from them. They are beneficial in large companies, for security purposes, and when attending company functions, such as conferences and workshops. 

There are many benefits to having your employees wear name badges. That’s why millions of companies around Australia continue to do so. Whether your company is located in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, or Brisbane, they will benefit from having high quality custom name badges for all employees. There are many good reasons to opt for wearing them and no good reasons not to. Don’t let name badge myths keep your company from reaping the rewards that permanent and reusable name badges can provide.

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