In the areas of Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney, people are learning how important it is to give employee recognition. Not only does it make them feel appreciated for their contribution to the business, but it also helps to lower employee turnover rates, and helps to improve employee engagement. It serves as a constant reminder of the great work that they did and were recognized for. Not only can you give employees recognition plaques, but you can also give them to your biggest and longest-running clients.

There are many opportunities to give custom recognition plaques, including these 5: 

  1. Anniversaries. Whether it is an employee anniversary or one for a client you have done business with, a custom recognition plaque of the service is the way to go. Consider giving them at such anniversary milestones as five years, 10 years, etc. It takes dedication to make it to such milestones, so recognize them with a custom plaque.
  2. Meeting goals. Everyone has company goals that they should try to meet. Award those who meet those big company goals with a recognition plaque. Whether it is meeting sales goals, new client goals, or something else, if it benefits that company and it was a goal that you wanted met, then recognize those who meet it. It will only want to make them meet more company goals going forward.
  3. Winning contests. Many companies around Australia hold internal contests, such as who can get the most sales per year. Recognize your winners with a custom plaque that they can hang proudly in their office and keep on display.
  4. Going above and beyond. Employees often do things that go above and beyond for the company. Whether it is taking on extra work, helping customers beyond the scope of their job duties, or something else, it’s always nice to recognize them with a recognition plaque.
  5. Being the employee of the month or year. Having an employee of the month or year is a great way to keep them all striving to provide the best service. The recognition plaque gives them bragging rights they can be proud of.

 There are many occasions to give a custom recognition plaque to your employees, as well as to those other companies that you have been doing business with long term. People love to get awards and recognition, so it will always be well-received. The plaque helps to further strengthen relationships and resolve to continue to do great work. Whether you are in Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or beyond, join those around Australia who are making a goal to start giving recognition for great work more often. A custom-made recognition plaque is the simple solution that brings big results. 

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